Sundance Filmfestival 2016 – What happens when The Shining meets poultry

The Chickening may be the weirdest short film out of Sundance this year

The Chickening, a remix and re-edit of Stanley Kubrick’s classic film The Shining, debuted at the Sundance film festival earlier today. The film’s director Nick Denboer, has posted the entire video on YouTube for anyone to check it out. It’s an absurd comedy, but the best part about the video is just how perfectly the strangeness of it all blends into the original film. That’s not to say that The Chickening takes its integration seriously, however. It does just the opposite. There’s not one second within the five-minute short that pretends to take on the tone of The Shining, but the comedy works all the more because of it.

In essence, The Chickening is a take on The Shining that asks what would have happened if Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance was hired to run an entertainment establishment focused on poultry instead of an empty hotel.

Viewers should be warned that some of the humor can be disturbing and incredibly graphic at times. It’s probably best not to watch it at work.

Denboer work has been showcased on late-night talk shows like Conan, and all of it can be found on his YouTube page.

The Chickening was also official section for the most recent Toronto International Film Festival.


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