How to find a good talent agent & how important it is to find the right talent agency that suits your needs

talent agent
Photo by Châu Thông Phan

How to find a good talent agent and how important it is to find the right talent agency for your needs will define your future as an actor.

You need a talent agent? Or just a representation? Or do you need a talent management? The difference between these might be small in the eyes of a talent who is new or not yet „in the bizz“ at all but at the end of day one of those will define an actors career. This is part one of a few parts to follow because this question will need some basics that cannot be explained in a few sentences.

So find out how to find a good talent agent and how important it is to find the right talent agency that suits your needs.

Here’s the first aid.

Everything had to be done very quickly. An actor suddenly became ill and could not start filming. In order to stick to the shooting schedule somehow, the production decided to re-cast the part as fast as possible. A few names of actors flew frantically across the room, whereas all that mattered now was, which of the potential candidates had time to jump in at such short notice to take over this part? Ultimately, not the size of talent was any longer required, but simply who was “available”. Furthermore, one of the possible canditates may have changed agencies recently. So how to get in contact with him (or her) quickly enough, let‘s say within the next two hours to check their time-schedule? After all it is already Friday evening and most of the agencies have no 24/7 service and cannot be reached until Monday. Hopefully the actor has a management that has a reliable 24/7 service.

This is where Agent Digital comes into place.

All time requests, availability requests, invitations to casting up to detailed requests such as billing details, the sending of scripts, calendars, interview requests, event requests, etc. can be requested from or sent to Agent Digital without lifting the receiver and loosing valuable time. The actor/actress can be greenlighted within an hour, 24/7 365 days. No email gets lost in the deep ends of email boxes or folders of a stressed out agent with dozens of clients. Totally professionally and safely will this request be handled. How? Because The Agent Digital is thoroughly connected to the talents name, homepage and social media accounts- if the talent is registered with Agent Digital -, and works a little bit like a kind of virtual front desk of an analogical (physical) talent agent.

As a caster you just need the talents name, find the homepage or one of his social media accounts and start checking his availability. You will get your answer directly, safely and professionally, as the actor himself will receive your request (simultaniously with his agency) and thus can answer back to you in the same professional way as much as you can expect it to be: timely.

Or the caster registers once only (or just for this one request) in the talents virtual agency. Then he is able to view the actors calendar or other details immediately.

(Example HERE of an already registered actor)


Changing agencies? Register first with Agent Digital then start looking for a new talent agent.

An actor wants to change his talent agent as smoothly as possible. Well, bad news: an agent change never goes smoothly. Also an agent swap can always be a risky scenario for any freelance artist or actor. Does one start looking for a new agency before one changes and taking the risk that various offers overlap and will cause bad blood between two agents, who cannot finally agree on who made that deal in the first place?

Or does one start looking for a new agent after one had separated from the previous one taking the risk, not finding a new agent, ending up with no representation at all?

Well, Agent Digital fits in here also perfectly.

Once registered, the talents name will always be connected with Agent Digital never mind which agent is representing his/her at the moment or will be in the future.

The actor keeps track of his current availability requests and offers and can be contacted 24/7, 365 days. All contact or schedule requests run across his (and his agents) table simultaniously.

Even if you have not a representation at the moment, the talent will no longer miss any requests as long as they have been submitted via the internet search engines.

Also, even if a request comes from a different continent, Agent Digital is international and responds in major languages, so there is no time zone limit.