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Middle East: An artful look at an endless war

The conflict in the Middle East is for many people a part of our everyday life. We – in our safe surroundings have accepted this war.

Mahmoud Alkurd is a conceptual and fine art photographer who was born photographically in 2013 , he writes on his website. He grew up in Gaza and he finished his education and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English literature. Mahmoud began teaching himself photography. Driven by passion and eagerness, he started creating photos that illustrate specific concepts in an artistic way.

Mahmoud participated in many worldwide exhibitions. He also won many local and international awards. Beside all of that, Mahmoud achieved many personal projects during the last two years. „We Breathe Freedom“ is the recent-unfinished series that came out to the spotlight after 51 days of war . 51 days of killing and violence was enough to kill any beat of hope in Gaza but on the last drop of the horizon he realized that on this earth is what’s worth living!

It does not matter what side you’re on but everyday life is  a living hell for the people living in Gaza. For Mahmoud Alkurd, he wants to shift that hell into something bearable. The  artist – based in Gaza –  reflects this pain through wonderful pieces of conceptional photography.

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His work undertakes a consistent, new look at a tragedy withou end that not many people are trying to understand and stop these days. Many look away because they are simply bored with this conflict.

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His work has been well  received everywhere, he’s doing a pretty good job…his photos have been exhibited  around the world.

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Since 2006 has the Gaza-Israel conflict been going on. It is a key part of the larger Israeli-Palestinian conflict since then. This time last year (between July 8th and August 27th), more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza strip, as well as 66 Israeli soldiers and seven civilians in Israel.

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