9 Ways to Make Yourself Work Out in the Morning

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Come on you can do it

It can be so hard to find time in the day to workout between work, family, friends, and other obligations. Sometimes the only time to squeeze in a workout sesh is in the morning, which can be very difficult. Sleep is such a great thing, but so is exercise. Check out these tips to stop hitting snooze and start hitting the gym.

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  • Class Act

Research has shown that if you sign up for something you are more likely to follow through with that commitment. Many gyms offer early classes giving you plenty of time to get ready before you head to work. Some gyms even have a cancellation policy for classes. Trading in your fitness class for extra sleep could results in revoked gym privileges. That’s a pretty good reason to attend.

  • Workout Buddy

Having someone to work out with is a huge fitness inspiration. You don’t want to let down your friend by skipping out on your gym sesh, do you? Try to get your significant other, bestie, or co-worker on board with you. It’s a great way to spend time and learn more about them.

  • Fitspiration

This might sound cheesy, but it works. Some phones allow you to name or add a small description with each alarm. For some early morning fitness inspiration type a quick motivational quote onto your alarm. When you want to hit snooze the next morning, it might just be the kick you need to get you out of bed and to the gym.

  • You Snooze, You Lose

Well, duh! Of course saying you’re not going to hit snooze is a lot easier than actually refraining from doing it, but if you really try you may surprise yourself with your newfound will power. Each day you don’t hit snooze reward yourself with something small until it becomes habit.

  • Prepare

If you take a few minutes the night before to get everything set out, you will save so much time and stress. Set out your workout outfit, iPod, sneakers, and water bottle. If you shower and get ready at the gym, get all the things you need for that too. Kim Kardashian actually sleeps in her gym clothes so she just needs to get up and go in the morning. That might be a little extreme, but having things ready to go makes your morning routine run smoother.

  • Looking Fierce

Buy fitness clothes that make you look and feel great. You will have more motivation to get up and show off your fierce workout getup if you genuinely like how you look. You don’t have to break the bank on designer attire, like Lululemon. Check out stores like Target or Kohl’s for clothes that are half the price, but just as cute.

  • Think Of Energy

Don’t you just love that post-workout energy that carries you through the day? When you want to skip the gym, try to focus on how great you will feel if you workout. Coffee could be a quick fix, but caffeine wears off in a few hours, unlike the natural adrenaline you get from exercising.

  • Little Rewards

Working out in the morning is no easy feat. You deserve to treat yourself. That doesn’t mean eat a giant ice cream every time you workout, but something small that you really enjoy. Maybe it’s a glass of wine with dinner, catching up on your guilty pleasure TV show, or reading a chapter of your favorite book

  • Sleep

If you plan on hitting the gym in the morning don’t stay up late watching reality TV or surfing the web. Exercise requires energy, which your body gets from sleep. It’s way easier to wake up when you feel refreshed from a great night’s rest.



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