Need an Income? Why not become a movie producer? It’s easier than you think

You are dreaming of having an income as a movie producer?

Grab a cup of tea – this is a long one. It’s rare for filmmakers to get a candid look at the books of someone else’s film. But, thanks to the generosity of Marcus Markou, that’s exactly what you’ll get to read below.

incomePapadopoulos & Sons tells the tale of an Anglo-Greek self-made millionaire who loses everything in the banking crisis. He is forced to turn to his estranged brother to re-open the fish and chip shop they shared in their youth. It’s a fun family film starring Stephen Dillane, George Corraface and Georgia Groome.

The film was written and directed by first-time filmmaker Marcus Markou. It was released in UK cinemas in April 2013.

Before we delve into the journey of the film, we need to take a moment to learn more about Marcus and his motives. Marcus is a successful entrepreneur, so much so that he was able to pay for the film’s £825,000 budget from his own bank account.

He wanted to learn how films are made, make something for his kids to see and have a fun time in the process. He’d taken a short course at the Met Film School but other than that, this was his first foray into the commercial film world.

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