Education? What would the world be like without teachers? These answers will surprise you.

Education. Remember your school days and how often you’d wished your teachers to hell? Well, keep reading.

Education is everything and we all should honor the teachers around the world. They not only taught us the fundamentals of our education – reading, writing, mathematics – but also became our role models and inspiration for life. It’s no doubt that teachers have had a profound impact on our lives. This month, as students are graduating and finishing up the school year, Jubilee Project is proud to share with you „World Without Teachers“ a short video that takes a moment to look back on the teachers in our lives and how they have shaped who we are.

Everybody knows that teachers make a huge difference in our lives. Yet less than 10% of top-tier undergrads express any interest in teaching as a career. Without more young people going into the field of education, it is a real possibility that some children will grow up without the impactful influence of great teachers in their lives.

Jubilee Project is proud to partner with Participant Media’s TEACH campaign to encourage passionate, creative, innovative young people to consider teaching as a career. Together, let’s help build a world where every student has a great teacher to guide them along the way.

*Special thanks to everybody to shared their stories with us.*

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